Blue is the colour of the Sky and the Sea – denoting depth, vastness transcended only through thought and imagination.
In human perception, it symbolizes a legion of good values and virtues – trustworthiness, integrity, loyalty, piety, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, stability, depth, faith, truth and heaven.

White is the colour of Snow. It denotes light, goodness, innocence, cleanliness, positive energy, purity and the idea of perfection. It represents a new dawn, a new beginning. In human perception, it characterises healing and well-being.
The Swan denotes awakening, self-esteem, good balance, higher grace, inner and outer beauty, innocence, spirituality, intuitiveness, divinity, and heavenly bliss. Also, love, purity and good nature. In many cultures, it is the perfect blend of physical and spiritual beauty.
The Multiple Lines denote a firm, multilayer foundation of knowledge enhancement and personal evolution that the school provides its pupils.
The number of lines have been kept at 7, as seven is universally perceived as a lucky number, and also denotes a host of positive characteristics in Numerology – such as spirituality, intelligence, analytical skills, focus, introspection, studiousness, intuitiveness, knowledge, contemplation, seriousness of purpose, perseverance, refinement, grace and inner wisdom.

Water / Wave is symbolic of fluidity, change, evolution, creativity. It is one of the universe’s purest yet simplest elements – an idea of goodness and soft power. The percept that “you cannot step into the same river twice” – because it keeps flowing, and every time, you are stepping into a new river – also symbolizes, in our context, the essential nature of knowledge –- it is a continually flowing energy, not an entity caught in stasis.

The circle is a universal symbol for an idea of totality, wholeness, perfection. Also, spiritually, it is perceived as the representation of an evolved self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, universal energy, etc.

The caption(motto) –'A Whole Century Of Trust; A New Century Of Hope'– denotes the pride NES holds in its history dating back a hundred years, from which it draws its values and life energy. At the same time, it announces how well-synced it is to the needs, demands, challenges and ambitions of the new generation student, who is a citizen of the new century that is unravelling.
The circular placement of the captionindicates the well-rounded efforts required to emerge successfully from a curriculum – the dedication, commitment and perseverance that is entailed.

Fonts (Topography): Thin, curved, simple sans-serif fonts – to denote a sense of purpose, direct and unembellished approach to education, and the power of simplicity – in thought and action.