Generation- Builders Inc:
NES and ETS continue as forces of change in Western India’s educational scenario, under the leadership of its core team – comprising Mr K R Patel (official designation) and Mrs R R Patel (official designation). Late Mr B R Patel and Late Mr / Mrs R T Patel were the two other prime members of this leadership quorum.

Teams of experienced teaching staff, management veterans, expert coaches and other qualified education-related professionals complete the chain of quality at NES – ETS.

Every member of NES – ETS is aware that at the end of their daily duties, they are helping build whole new generations of future citizens. And their every thought and action reflects this awareness. Across the years, this awareness has evolved as a distinct culture itself.

Late Mr. B R Patel

Late Mr. R T Patel

Late Mr. B R Patel

Mr Keval R Patel(Principal)

Mr Nikunj K Patel (Trustee)