New English School (NES), Nadiad.
Much more than a School. An integral Part of Western Gujarat’s History itself.

With its educational saga dating back to 1902 AD, NES(Gujarati Medium -- Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary education curricula) has emerged through more than a century of academic evolution. And it is fully geared for another century of excellence.

English Teaching School, the purely English Medium tributary of NES, was founded in 1963, offering Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary education. 

While NES and ETS drawtheir strong value system from their hundred-year heritage, they have periodically and pre-emptively updated themselves to remain competent and relevant. And today, they offer their students optimal, wholesome grooming to survive, succeed and lead in the hyper-competitive New Millennial world.

What your children receive at NES and ETS is not just an education. Here, they partake in a culture of learning, living, loving and leading, which has evolved over a hundred years.